”The end dances on every person’s shoulder from the day you are born until the day everything inevitably ceases. Endings are never closer or farther away no matter where or who you were or are. This truth can either be a coffin lid or a pique. I've never been able to see the fall leaves dance in the wind without noticing the tree trunk's shadow. I guess I have lived most of my life in my own and other peoples heads. In a way call it my religion. The material world is not always sufficient and the sometimes the universe does not allow an audience. I am not more or less comfortable in this borderland of sorts, than anywhere else - I have more or less accepted that I sometimes end up here, alternately disgusted and fascinated. "What A Time To Be Alive" is about the other side of the Styx. It is the most uplifting song I have written about death.

/Yours truly, Dödspoeten Leo Skywell. 


”What A Time To Be Alive” is the first single from Leo Skywell’s debut EP ”Time Will Darken It”. It was produced by John Forslund and Leo himself and the later mastered at legendary Gothenburg studio Svenska Grammofonstudion by Hans Olsson Brookes. 

Birds Will Sing For You

Valen Agency


Leo Skywell is released in collaboration with CLSSN Musik.